Checkup and Clean

Maintain a Beautiful Smile

The popular adage of prevention as the best cure is particularly true when it comes to oral health. Prevention of tooth decay and other ailments needs to begin as early as possible and we encourage everyone to maintain healthy practices, such as regular brushing and flossing.

The team at Dental on Kennedy will put the sparkle back in your smile with our comprehensive preventative care program. Our expert dentists are well equipped to conduct a thorough clean and assessment of your teeth.

As a family orientated clinic we believe good dental hygiene practices should be embraced by the entire family and will endeavour to ensure this.

Ongoing Prevention

At Dental on Kennedy we care deeply about oral hygiene and general preventative care, which is why we recommend a visit with one our expert dentists every six months. Our Dentists will professionally clean your teeth and ensure that you have no plaque build up, or developing cavities. It also helps to prevent bad breath by reducing the quantity of bacteria in your mouth. Maintaining a healthy smile is an ongoing process and one that many people neglect.

The information we gather during your Check-up & Clean includes:

  • Medical and dental history
  • Dental needs and wants – what is your expectation
  • Assessment of jaw joint, muscles and functions such as biting habits
  • Digital x-rays for dental examination
  • Gum condition and oral hygiene assessment
  • Teeth whitening consultation (if applicable)

Health Fund item codes for a Check-up & Clean include:

  • Exam (011)
  • Scale and clean (114) or removal of plaque (111)
  • Fluoride treatment (121)
  • X-ray (022)